Two-Act Plays


Carly Reeves and Kyle Nudo in a workshop production at Theatre Palisades in Los Angeles

Download PDF: Act One
Cast: 5 women, 4 men
Running time: 95 minutes

A romantic comedy in which a monstrously self-absorbed and powerful diva visits a legendary New England musicians' retreat that has seen better days. Dangling the prospects of celebrity and success, she manipulates the collection of resident musicians as they struggle with the conflicts between career and love, the dangers of ambition, the perils of success, the pain of loss, and the glory of music.

Elements of farce, incidental music, various coats, and a mysterious stranger. One set.

“A lively, rollicking, highly enjoyable comedy that is guaranteed to be a rip-roaring crowd pleaser.”
- Shirle Gottlieb | Long Beach freelance critic

“The dialogue is terrific! ... with the Noel Coward-Moss Hart-George S. Kaufman touch.”
- Frank Rutledge, Literary Manager | Boarshead Theatre

Theatre Palisades, Los Angeles

Winner - Best Works of 2006, Long Beach Playhouse, Long Beach CA
Honorable Mention - McLaren Memorial Play Competition, Midland TX
Semi-finalist - Backdoor Theatre 2001, Wichita KS
Semi-finalist - Mildred and Albert Panowski Playwriting Award 2003

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