Two-Act Plays


Diane Grant, Marcia Wallace and Jeff Witzke
(Photo by Rich Schmitt)

Download PDF: Act One
Cast: 3 women, 1 man
Running time: 90 minutes
Available from:
The Playwrights Guild of Canada

A two-act romantic comedy about love, marriage and Mother. Suitable for regional and community theatres.

An ensemble piece for four actors, including a tour de force part for a middle-aged woman, it's a deceptively light comedy with deep currents underneath, in which an only-son struggles to free himself from his single mother.

It's in modern dress, has minimal set requirements - the living room of an apartment serves both acts - and is inexpensive to produce. Each act consists of one scene.

“I loved Sunday Dinner... and would recommend it to anyone. It's a fantastic show.”
- Thomas Amo | Smiler's Comedy Playhouse | Stockton, CA

“The play was so energetic and funny that we didn't want it to end! Diane Grant has a magic way with dialogue.”
- Professor May DuBois, Honors Director | West Los Angeles College, CA

“Sunday Dinner is very funny...”
- Arnold Margolin, Producer | The Falcon Theatre | Burbank, CA

Theatre Palisades, West Los Angeles College, The Complex - Los Angeles, CA
The Academy Theatre, Kingfisher Cafe Reading Series - Atlanta, GA
Limelight Productions - British Virgin Islands
Lady Plays Podcast - iTunes

Dramalogue for Best Performance
The Jack Oakie Award for Comedy

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