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Poster from Australian International School Hong Kong production

Download PDF: Act One
Cast: 5 women, 6 men
Running time: 90 minutes
Available from: ProPlay

A comedy in two acts about a comedy in two acts. A financial "angel" rescues an impoverished acting troupe. Or does he? One set. Suitable for high schools, colleges, regional and community theatres.

A farce with incidental music that uses Laban techniques, melodrama, improvisation, Method, and Shakespeare, and includes a parody of the story of Puccini's Tosca, featuring a trampoline. It's about human corruptibility and the constant friction between commerce and art - a classic enduring story of rent vs. artistic principles. It's a set, technical, and costume designer's dream with falling paper flowers, offstage fights, illuminated moons and actors dressed sometimes as cavaliers and sometimes as dogs.

“Playwright Diane Grant has come up with a clever concept for her backstage comedy, the farcical aspects of creating a play-within-a-play - also called A Dog's Life - juxtaposed with the fictional ensemble's struggle to pay the rent... Elizabeth Hillman gives a delightful performance as the artistic director's wife, the kind of role once created for Thelma Ritter, and Eric Travis is hilarious as a terminally Method actor who can't stop playing a canine after rehearsals end...”
- Travis Michael Holder | Backstage West

“A delightful comedy that will keep you giggling all evening... Diane Grant, resident playwright, has created a fun-filled, entertaining comedy that will be well worth the trip to the theatre.”
- Michael Upward | Maestro Arts and Reviews, LA

“... it is brilliant.”
- Steve Guttenberg | Palisadian Post, LA

“... a well-constructed, light-hearted farce.”
- Jim Boyett | Theatre Resources Unlimited

Australian International School - Hong Kong
Write Act Repertory - Los Angeles, CA

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